Musubo Mummy case for iPhone 5 review

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Provides: Protection from scuffs, minor drops and bumps
Developer: Musubo
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $29.99
Availability: Now

In my review of Musubo’s Hypergrip case for iPhone 5, I complained that the silicone construction was flimsy and made the case feel dated. That’s not a problem with the Musubo Mummy case for iPhone 5. The TPU material is much more rigid, with edges that hug your iPhone tightly so you get no sags along the top or bottom.

The Mummy pulls its name from the texture on the back, I’m guessing, which looks like a basket weave (or like a mummy sarcophagus, as shown below).

Musubo Mummy iPhone 5 Case

Considering that, would Sarcophagus have been a better name for it? Too creepy? Too hard pronounce? Regardless, combined with the case’s glossy finish, the texture creates a unique appearance. However, fingerprints will be easy to notice, and the harder plastic can be easily scratched and scuffed (better that than your phone, of course). The case is available in black, green, pink, purple, red, sky blue and white.

Musubo Mummy iPhone 5 Case

When using the iPhone, the Mummy’s soft edges make it comfortable to hold. The case wraps around the phone’s edges and slightly up above the screen, so you can rest the phone screen down without worrying about damage. There are the usual problems with this, though. The big one is that you can’t dock the iPhone 5 with a Lightning adapter or most Lightning compatible devices…only a docking cable.

Musubo Mummy iPhone 5 Case

A second problem is that although the on/off switch is easily accessible under the cover of the case, the volume buttons are not. They’re easily found, but hard to press.

The case is more easily applied and removed than you would expect, considering its rigid construction. But although it feels solid, the glossy TPU gives your phone a toy-like effect. That’s not a reason for me to drop the Mummy’s rating, but it’s something to consider when you’re checking it out. The Mummy would look fine coming out of a purse or book bag, but out of a briefcase or suit coat, your colleagues may think you accidentally grabbed your children’s toy, instead. If that’s a concern, you may want to hold until we take a look at the final sample in our Musubo iPhone 5 case roundup this week. It’s a design so retro, they made that the name.

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Musubo Mummy iPhone 5 case review

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