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What is it?

In a twist from the usual role-playing game with swords and magic, Nameless the Hackers for iPhone and iPod touch has you speeding down the information highway as you hack your way into corporations and governments. Use all of your hacking skills to get the information you need to save the world from descending into either anarchy or oppression.

How does it work?

Nameless the Hackers

Nameless the Hackers RPG introduces you to Cody and Jayden as you take on hacking jobs from Sam. Quickly, you find something you shouldn’t have and recruit Tiny to join your team as you hack into computers all over the world to get to the bottom of the mystery. Along the way you meet other hackers that can join your team with skills that will be essential to your success.

To take on random jobs, you tap a question mark on the map and use your hacking skills to defeat the enemy, rewarding you with bit coins and research points which you use to buy items and level up your skills. Battles are turn-based, with some skills using virus attacks (damage every turn), trojan horses (explode after the timer reaches 0), or shocking the target (randomly lose a turn). While you’re rewarded for doing side-quests and random battles, you’re not required to do a lot of tedious leveling before you can continue with the main story. Battles are decided more by your skill and having a good supply of consumables than being a certain level.

Nameless the Hackers

In addition to earning more powerful skills, you also find or buy Infocards that make you stronger in a variety of ways. Some of them increase your attack or defense, allow you to increase your maximum health or level of skills, give you a higher chance to earn rewards after battles, and more. Each card can have a maximum of four attributes; if your card doesn’t, then you can spend bit coins or research points to get a chance at improving its quality. Of course, there’s a chance you can get a worse card and you’ll just have to keep rerolling and try your luck at getting a better card.

Is it contagious?

I like that fighting random battles is rewarding but that I don’t have to if I don’t want to. Being able to use currency to get stronger avoids the problem of many other games in which I have a billion coins and nothing to use them on.

Nameless the Hackers is a fun game that will appeal to fans of role-playing games and to those who’d like an enjoyable and challenging game.

Category: Games
Seller: BoxCat LLC
Cost: $1.99 (free demo version available)
Download: Nameless the Hackers

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