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What can you say about a game with such a name as, MAJAYA? Sounds pretty weird, right? Well, as weird sounding as its name may be, Majaya is a new iPad game that has pretty weird and yet interesting gameplay as well. The best way to describe it is as a nice puzzle game that will challenge your wit and your reflexes.

What is it?

According to the storyline of the game, Majaya fell down on a gray, volcanic planet. Your task is to help her get out of the mysterious planet using a color-fueled rocket. To do this you must find paint cartridges on various mazes designed with obstacles.

majaya for ipad

You must roll the ball to color dots to break colored barriers. The color of the ball determines which obstacles you will be able to break. To change the color of the ball, you must roll it to combination of colors to form a new color. Colors can be mixed in the following combinations:

  • blue + red + yellow = black
  • blue + yellow = green
  • blue + red = violet
  • red + yellow = orange

How does it work?

Every level has two main objectives to complete the game: you must get the paint cartridges and you must reach the end hole. The challenge lies in the fact that you must strategically roll over dots to paint them so the last color that your ball will take is the same color as the barrier blocking the end hole. Get the drift?

majaya for ipad

To move the ball around the maze, you simply use the iPad’s tilt gesture. It’s very responsive—so much so that a slight tilt will accidentally cause the ball to roll on a color dot you are trying hard to avoid. Hence, your reflexes will be put to a test by Majaya.

Is it contagious?

A unique game such as this can become pretty addictive. Kids and adults can get hooked into finishing all the 26 levels of this game, provided you don’t get too frustrated when stuck on the difficult levels. Go ahead and grab Majaya or try out the free version first to get a feel of it.

Category: Games
Seller: EDDA sp z.o.o.
Cost: $1.99
Download: Majaya

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