Make your iPhone 5, iPod touch 3D-capable with EyeFly 3D

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Eyefly 3D

A new product is promising a glasses-free 3D experience for the iPhone using a screen protector. The EyeFly 3D—currently available for pre-order—is printed with over 500,000 micro-lenses on each sheet, which send slightly different images to the left and right eye.

Promising a 3D experience without affecting the clarity or the brightness of the iPhone, the company is also releasing two apps (one for video, and one for pictures) that will allow you to create 3D content. As for other content, they point you towards stereoscopic videos on YouTube.

Though they’re currently taking EyeFly 3D orders only for the iPod touch and iPhone 5 ($34.95), the company also plans to release versions for the iPad 4 and Samsung Galaxy S4.

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