Tekken Card Tournament now available for iOS, Android, and browsers

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tekkencardtournament-640wTekken Card Tournament is a free-to-play card fighting game with cross-platform online play on iOS, Android, Kindle, and web browsers.

To start playing, you build your card deck by choosing which cards to use and customizing them using the fusion system. Then use Focus, Strike, and Block moves to take down your opponents with KO combos. Practice in solo battles, then challenge matched opponents around the world to climb the global rankings, with extra rewards to be won in themed contests and weekly battles.

Physical booster packs of Tekken Card Tournament game cards will go on sale in early summer, with a total of 191 to collect. Each card will feature a unique QR code to instantly add it to your digital in-game deck. Using your mobile device, you’ll be able to scan the character images to unleash Augmented Reality effects and bring the characters to life with the ability to take cool snapshots.

Tekken Card Tournament is available now for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 5 or later from the App Store, from the Google Play store for Android devices runing 2.2 or later, and from Amazon for Kindle devices. You can also play Tekken Card Tournament in your favorite web browser.

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