Discover Ark of Sinners Advance on iOS April 18th

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Ark of Sinners Advance

Bulkypix and Anima Game Studio are teaming up for an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch launch of Ark of Sinners Advance on April 18th. This is sure to please fans of the Anima Beyond Fantasy franchise, as well as fans of action/platformers in general and of women who don’t understand the proper use of shirts.

Ark of Sinners Advance

For those outside the know, Anima Beyond Fantasy is a popular franchise of role-playing books, miniature wargames and card games that have become a success at the critic and commercial levels. Ark of Sinners Advance is an iOS action/platformer based on the franchise. In it, you’ll play as Celia, a powerful warrior with a past so mysterious even she doesn’t know what’s going on. She was adopted as a child by a secret society of assassins who trained her to become “…a perfect fighter that far exceeds human limits,” but who forget to show her how to properly dress for an afternoon of hacking and slashing.

Ark of Sinners Advance

After refusing to kill a renegade agent, Celia finds herself on the run with Nemo, her only remaining friend, and must journey to the depths of the ancient city, Ark, to discover its sinister secrets.

Ark of Sinners will feature:

  • 21 interconnected stages that will offer more than 10 hours of gameplay.
  • Countless combat movements.
  • 18 Stones of Knowledge hidden along the city to unlock a secret ending.
  • Exciting adversaries. 14 different enemies and 7 bosses.
  • Epic music. Enjoy a wonderful orchestral soundtrack.
  • A deep and intricate storyline: Reveal the secrets of Ark trough the tales of Carlos Garcia (Anima Beyond Fantasy series writer)
  • Artistic Direction and animated cutscenes from the well-known artist Wen Yu Li.
  • Retina compatibility

Ark of Sinners will be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on April 18th for $2.99 | 2.79€. For more information, visit

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