Classic Mac game “Pathways Into Darkness” now available free

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Pathways Into DarknessBefore Halo, Myth—before Marathon, for crying out loud—Bungie gave the Mac gaming world Pathways Into Darkness, a first-person shooter where the player’s job is to invade a pyramid in South America, kill all the monsters you find, read the minds of dead Nazis, and detonate a nuclear device to prevent an alien god from awakening. Yes, it’s that awesome.

The god is awakening.

It is up to you to prevent the sleeping god from waking up by detonating a low-yield nuclear weapon. Unfortunately things don’t go quite as planned. During the jump from the C-151 your primary parachute fails, and you are able to pull the reserve only moments before crashing through the forest canopy toward the ground.

Two hours later you awake, unharmed except for a few bruises, to realize that most of your equipment is missing or damaged (fortunately someone else jumped with the nuclear device). The muzzle of your M-16 is bent just enough to render it useless, and the bag holding the spare clips for your Colt .45 is lost in the deep jungle underbrush. About the only things which didn’t break were your flashlight and survival knife.

You finally reach the pyramid, by foot, at a little after 0600 (6:00 AM). The rest of your team must have entered nearly four hours ago. Armed only with a knife, and the knowledge contained in this briefing, you follow them …

Something of a cross between Castle Wolfenstein and H.P. Lovecraft, the game, which originally came out in 1993, has been reconstructed for OS X by Man Up Studios, who are releasing it for free on the Mac App Store. It’s a whopping 3.6 MB (that’s “mega”) in size, and requires OS X 10.6 to run.

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