Divinity: Original Sin confirmed for Mac, Linux

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Divinity: Original Sin

Independent developer Larian Studios created a Kickstarter campaign for their open-world, traditional RPG Divinity: Original Sin, and it raised over $400,000 in less than two weeks. That guarantees OS X and Linux versions, which the developers hope to ship simultaneously with the PC version, currently estimated for July 2013.

Of course, successful funding shouldn’t discourage you from backing the project. There are still plenty of levels at which you can pledge, getting you everything from gratitude ($5) to a boxed copy of the game ($65) to a personal tour of Ghent, Belgium, and the ability to contribute to the game’s development ($10,000).

There’s also the issue of stretch goals, which Larian has 15 days to achieve, at press time. Want a new area? Personality traits that affect combat? Day/night cycles that affect NPCs and monsters? Contribute now, either via Kickstarter or PayPal.

The big question, of course, is whether the game is worth funding. The big answer, of course, is of course. I’ve felt that way about about Divinity: Original Sin since getting a demo at E3 2012:

The game looks gorgeous while honoring the appearance of its forefathers. You can tell a lot of love is going into the game’s appearance, and that carries over to combat, as well. [The developers] were careful to point out that all of the combat moments are “hand placed,” and that multiple winning methods are made available in the environment. In one big battle, the mystic heroine (she was brought back from the dead, don’t you know) casts a freeze spell on the giant monster while the condemned warrior (released from his chains) took care of the smaller creatures (when the creatures stepped on the freeze spell overflow, they would lose their footing). When the warrior had the chance, he turned his attention to the still frozen monster and was able to win pretty quickly. This shows the importance of cooperative multiplayer, but the game can be played in single player, as well, using AI scripts to control party members (four maximum).

Key game features include:

  • Class-Free Progression – Choose skills, abilities, and gear to create the character that you want.
  • Cooperative Play – Drop-in/drop-out cooperative multiplayer with full-featured RPG gameplay for both players.
  • Skill and Spell Combos – A block of ice can be melted with fire, turned into a lethal pool of electricity, and refrozen into a slippery trap. This is one example of the many interactions possible.
  • Meaningful Dialogue – For better or worse, your conversations have actual and noticeable impacts in the game-world. When playing cooperatively, both players have a say in the outcome.
  • Open-World Gameplay – No artificial constraints to keep players from exploring the world or level-scaling to coddle you. If you are too weak for an area, you will quickly learn your lesson.
  • Editor – Full suite of editing tools – the same used by the developers – to create completely new environments and adventures.

For more information on Divinity: Original Sin, visit or their Kickstarter page.

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