How to check the Apple online system status

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Apple online system statusEver been in a situation where an Apple online service—like iMessage, Facetime, or iCloud—wasn’t working as expected and you weren’t sure if the problem was on your end or Apple’s? Well, there’s a handy web page you can check on that will tell you what the status is of every online service they support, including the various web stores and iCloud.

You can access the Apple Online System Status page here, and the layout is similar to other network pages—a green square means that, according to Apple, the service is working fine. An orange triangle means there’s an issue. When Apple was having problems with iMessage and Facetime yesterday, a message alongside those services noted that “some” users were being affected, but it did not indicate which regions or provide an expected duration until all was normal. Apple is, after all, still Apple.

So, bookmark this page for the next time you’re wondering if it’s you or Apple that’s goofing up. But just remember that it could be you.

It could be something you did.

Because you didn’t love Apple enough.

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