Ubergoat Cashmere Cover for iPhone 5 review

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Provides: Protection from scratches and scuffs
Developer: Übergoat
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5 (also available for iPhone 4/4S, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini)
Price: $19.00
Availability: Now

I once made a pillow out of a Duran Duran t-shirt. (Don’t you judge me…Duran Duran was a great band, and my willingness to acknowledge that led to pretty much every girlfriend I had in high school.) I never thought there was money to be made in that, I just figured it was an easy A in home ec. class.

The folks at Übergoat have set their sites a little higher in both product support and materials. They sell a series of covers for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and iPad mini made from 100% reclaimed cashmere sweaters. I’m not sure exactly how they reclaim the sweaters, but no matter. The end result is a very soft and exceptionally unique cover that allows you to use your iPhone cover-free when you want, but to easily provide basic protection when you need it.

Ubergoat Cashmere Cover for iPhone 5

To use the Ubergoat Cashmere Cover, simply slide your iPhone into it. There are no pull strings or fancy methods of getting the case in it; imagine the cover is a glove and your iPhone is your hand. The fit is snug enough to keep the phone in the cover, but it’s easy enough to pull out when needed.

Ubergoat Cashmere Cover for iPhone 5

The exterior of the cover is, of course, 100% cashmere cut from previously worn cashmere sweaters. The iPhone 5 model we were provided for review was the ruby option amongst just that and black. Covers for other iDevices come in additional colors and designs, however, so it’s possible more will be offered…maybe once more ladies get tired of their sweaters. In fact, Übergoat will soon run a campaign where you can send in your own cashmere sweater to be made into an iPhone case. I’m guessing you won’t have to send in the 80/20 polyester/nylon blend that composes the interior (and which provides the ability to wipe away fingerprints).

Of course, you can’t use your phone while it’s in the Cashmere Cover, so why would you want it? Movement. I prefer to leave my iPhone 5 outside of cases when possible, as that allows for better third-party accessory compatibility, and lets the iPhone be what it wants to be.

Ubergoat Cashmere Cover for iPhone 5

But it does nothing to keep the iPhone safe from scratches and scuffs when it’s in my pocket, backpack or travel bag. Although the Cashmere Cover won’t help much if you drop your iPhone, it’ll certainly protect it from every day issues as you travel to/from work, class, or wherever you need to be.

Each Cashmere Cover comes with a basswood cord wrap to manage your EarPods or other small headphones. The package is fairly priced at $19.00, especially considering the cover could still fit an iPhone upgrade, pending Apple’s next design, of course. Just make sure you have your Woolite ready, because the Cashmere Cover requires cashmere care.

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Ubergoat Cashmere Cover for iPhone 5 review

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