Carry all of your gadgets in the Tropiformer Jacket from ThinkGeek and TEC by Scottevest

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Tropiformer JacketYou’re on a tech site, so it’s safe to say that you probably enjoy gadgets as much as the rest of us. Maybe more. You might want to carry your gadgets with you everywhere, but’s it’s less than practical…until now. ThinkGeek, everyone’s favorite online store, worked together with TEC by Scottevest to create the perfect jacket for anyone who needs to have a lot of gadgets nearby at all times. It’s called the Tropiformer Jacket, and it has 22 pockets.

Holy pockets Batman!

The Tropiformer Jacket even has the patented Personal Area Network (PAN), which allows you to have your iPhone in one pocket and route the headphones through the jacket up to your head.

Tropiformer Jacket

I know what you’re thinking; this is such a geeky product. Well, we’re all nerds here, it’s okay. Besides, this jacket doesn’t have pockets like cargo pants have pockets. This jacket has all the pockets you could ever hope for, but they’re placed to equally distribute the weight across the jacket. Heck, the average joe probably wouldn’t guess this jacket had more than 3 pockets. It’s just superbly designed. One of the pockets, the quick draw pocket, has a window so you can still use your iPhone from the inside of the jacket. There’s even a pocket for an iPad. An iPad! Has science gone too far? Clearly not.

In addition to the 22 pockets, the Tropiformer Jacket converts to a vest in seconds. The sleeves are attached with electronics-friendly magnets. Furthermore, if it gets really hot, you can take the jacket off and pack it into itself. It’s its own backpack, which is good because it has 22 pockets. You won’t need a backpack anymore. Now you can carry your iPhone, calculator, 3DS, iPad, Rubik’s cube, Tiny Spock, LEGO set, communicator, bag of dice, hard drive, bluetooth speakers and your sonic screwdriver all in the same jacket. And if that doesn’t excite you, you might need to have your emotion chip replaced.

The Tropiformer Jacket comes in five colors, which includes what I’m going to refer to as “science blue,” and you can order it now from ThinkGeek for $149.99. Plus you’ll get geek points, quite literally.

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    Thanks for the great feature! We love pockets and truly think this is the best SCOTTEVEST yet!


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