Verizon iPhone upgrade policy to become more restrictive

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Verizon iPhone upgrade

Starting next week, customers seeking a Verizon iPhone upgrade will see even stricter rules when it comes time to updating your mobile device. The company has announced they have changed mobile phone upgrade policies; customers will now have to wait for the end of the contract (24 months, to be exact) to be eligible for an upgrade.

Previously, Verizon customers were able to upgrade to a new device after 20 months of being on contract. With these new changes, users will have to stick a little longer with their current mobile device in order for Verizon to grant permission for you to enter into their phone upgrade program. Customers affected by this new policy changes are those with contracts that expire in January 2014.

Given the fierce competition when it comes to pricing with carriers in the U.S, Verizon Wireless will have a more difficult time enticing customers to stay with them. And as they begin to come up with more draconian rules tied up with mobile plan contracts, customers will have more incentive to jump ship to carriers who will promise users cheaper prices or new no-contract plans, as with the newly released T-Mobile iPhone.

AT&T and Spring have yet to announce whether they will allow mobile users an “early upgrade” after 20 months of being on contract.

Via [Verizon Wireless Newsroom]

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  • Joseph Singer

    Do you even proofread your article before posting? It’s Sprint not Spring!