Appidemic: Hidden Wonders of the Depths HD for iPad

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What is it?

Hidden Wonders of the Depths HD for iPad combines match three, mahjong/memory, hidden object, and puzzle games as you discover hidden treasures and help a crab build a fantastic home for a mermaid.

How does it work?

There are two different kinds of match three games: one where you swap two tiles, and another where you tap on groups of three or more of the same kind. To win the level you have to make matches in certain spots before the timer runs out. The other game is a mix of mahjong and memory where you have to make matches but you can only use the tiles that are on top.

Hidden Wonders of the Depth

When you find enough puzzle pieces that appear randomly, you then solve a puzzle to get a magical power that will help you in making matches. The first two powers I got are one that removes one tile and one that temporarily stops the timer. After you use the magical power you recharge it by clearing certain tiles from the board.

At the end of each section is a hidden object game where you find a few items to make a statue for the mermaid palace. You also randomly find parts of an artifact that make your mermaid palace more attractive. The gems and coins you get are only used as a score, not as a currency to buy anything.

Hidden Wonders of the Depths

You lose a life when the timer runs out. When you don’t have any more lives you can start over at the beginning of the artifact you were working on completing.

Is it contagious?

I would have liked for more variations in the match three game and more hidden object and puzzle games as you only play them a few times. But overall, Hidden Wonders of the Depths HD is a good game. Since it’s free to try, you can always download it to your iPad to see if you like the match three experience before buying it.

Category: Games
Seller: G5 Entertainment
Cost: Free download; $2.99 to unlock full game
Download: Hidden Wonders of the Depths HD (also available for iPhone / iPod touch)

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