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Welcome to Slayin, where you will be doing some slayin’, just sayin’.

What is it?

Slayin from FDG Entertainment is another in the growing set of throwback games. The graphics harken to the good old days of 16 bit theater, and the sounds are also “original” sounding.

The object of this action platformer is to stay alive and kill all of the baddies (which is almost everything that isn’t you). As long as you are pointing your weapon at your opponent you can score hits and remain undamaged. If you get hit from behind, you will take damage.


There are power-ups you can buy with the coins you pick up. If you want to spend some real world money, you can buy a song from the bard to gain prestige points.

How does it work?

The controls are simple—left and right arrow buttons on the left side of the screen and a big round jump button on the right. Your character will keep running until it hits the edge or you change direction.


There seems to be an increase of throwback games with the classic, highly pixilated look and one tone at a time sound. I don’t mind the nostalgia, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some smoother graphics and fuller sounds—we know the game developers of yore would have if they could have.


Is it contagious?

If you want to relive the early ’90s, this is good thumb twiddler. The ease of play makes it a good option for the kids, but in the age of the retina display don’t be surprised if they are confused by the chunky graphics.

At $0.99 it’s cheap entertainment for a few hours.

Category: Games
Seller: FDG Entertainment
Cost: $0.99
Download: Slayin

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