iOS development: the biggest bandwagon in town

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Is the iOS development culture getting started, or has it peaked?

I’m a registered iOS developer. The rest of this article won’t be quite so factual.

Here in New Zealand, we have an expression taken from the Maori language: “Tutu’ing around.” It translates loosely to “messing about with something.” A few years ago when I first got hooked into Appledom, I started “Tutu’ing around” with an iPhone and found I was most intrigued by the innovation, especially in the world of apps! The idea that I could learn a skill (making apps) and turn it into hard cash on my own without the need to apply for a decent job in between was breathtaking! It still is!

App development has become big business. It seems that pub interactions in my generation have changed from swapping funny 10 second videos via bluetooth to swapping app ideas and sample code. Maybe that’s an indication of how the world has changed or an indication of how totally boring I am. Probably the latter.

In any case, I’m no developer. I’m a bandwagon jumper. I’m an opportunist. If I had the intellect to develop iOS properly and do beautiful things with it, you could rest assured you wouldn’t be reading this and yawning right now. I’d be laid back on my cream coloured italian sofa, looking out over the Californian coast from my Tony Stark-esque mansion. My jealousy of real iOS developers is visceral. I want to be them. I want to experience the thrill of reading Objective-C (iOS programming code) and knowing what I’m looking at. I want to wear a funny t-shirt with a picture of an overweight sarcastic geek that says, “I should be working but my code is compiling!”

I know I’m sad, but I wasn’t always like this. I used to want to be a professional footballer or a fireman. I was the first head prefect in my school to be chosen for my sports abilities and not for my academic skills. I wasn’t always such a geek. But Apple has turned me into a crazed, technology craving nut-case with a passion for sleek minimalist design. I now get into lengthy pointless conversations with other oxygen-depleting wannabe’s about how beautiful the bezeled edges of the new iMac are! I mean, come on…what am I doing?! I used to talk about women and sports! Apple has not only created numerous unique tech industries, but they’ve also succeeded in reducing my man-ness significantly!

So back to my question—has the iOS Development culture peaked? I suppose I’m evidence that it hasn’t; it’s just opening up to the masses. I can’t wait to see Apple develop X-Code (user interface for Objective-C) to the point that normal humans can start dragging and dropping stuff into it and creating incredible Apps that are actually useful to other humans. I can’t wait for Apple to do to Obective-C what Instagram has done to photographs. There might be some among you who are spitting at your screen right now because of how dumb that sounds, and I don’t blame you. But for me, the real revolution in iOS design and development will be when it becomes…easy.

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