LINKASE Wi-Fi enhancing iPhone 5 case review

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iPhone cases are a dime a dozen, serving mainly as a simple way to protect and cherish our iPhones while providing a means for self expression via color, a design, or a choice of materials. All fine and dandy. But what if said case could provide an additional benefit for the phone? For example, what if you’re in a place that only has a weak Wi-Fi signal? Wish you had a better signal so you won’t flip over to your cellular network (and chew away your precious data plan)? Well, Absolute Technology has come up with the LINKASE, which offers the ability to boost your Wi-Fi signal by up to 50%. Sound crazy? Let’s find out, shall we?



The Linkase at first looks like any other slim case for the iPhone 5, offering a matte, almost rubber texture that provides excellent grip and comfort. You can see some fingerprints on the case, but it’s not as obvious as most other cases. The case keeps a very small profile so as to not add unwanted bulk to the phone. The sides are flush with the front glass. There’s easy access to the mute switch, headphone jack, and the Lightning connector (although the short Lightning to 30 pin adapter will not fit). The covered volume and power buttons were okay, but I found more effort was needed to press them in order to hit the real buttons underneath.


The added feature is what can be found on the back of the case. The LINKASE has an extending antenna that will work with the iPhone’s own built in Wi-Fi antenna to increase the signal strength by up to 50%. The package gives you two different colored antennas—one is color matching, while the other one is a complementary color. The case itself can be purchased in five different colors: coal black, ash gray, frost white, chili red, and Antarctic blue.


The LINKASE antenna makes use of electro magnetic waveguide (EMW) to resonate with the iPhone’s built in Wi-Fi antenna to increase signal strength. That increase may not be noticeable in areas where the signal is already good, but that signal boost is very noticeable in areas where the Wi-Fi signal is very weak. The video that Absolute Technology has on their website explains best how EMW works.

For my own tests, I’ve used the LINKASE in situations where I normally find myself working with a weak Wi-Fi signal. At my Thursday night bowling league, for example, my iPhone 5 would often drop the connection and switch back to a cellular connection. With the LINKASE and the antenna extended, I had a solid Wi-Fi connection and was able to stream video without any hesitation.


If you are one to be in areas where the Wi-Fi signal is weak—from home networks, public networks, mobile hotspots—then you should consider getting the Linkase from Absolute Technology.


The EMW technology will boost your WIFI signal to keep you online without dipping into your cellular data plan. Money well spent.

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Absolute Technology Linkase Review


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Product: LINKASE for iPhone 5
 Protective case and Wi-Fi signal booster
Developer: Absolute Technology
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $49.95
Availability: Available now

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  • Kris Cox

    So… any chance of getting this tech into something like a Lifeproof case, or an Otterbox Armor series? I’m a super-klutz, so I need the extra protection these provide, including the waterproofing. Over the years, I’ve lost one cell phone to a sink full of dishwater, and another to the dogs’ water bowl.