Kickstarter find: DOCKr 6-in-1 iPad accessory

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Full disclosure; I was into this product well before I fully knew what it was because the image in the press announcement reminded me of the eMate.

DOCKr for iPad

But inNuevo’s DOCKr isn’t at all about nostalgia, it’s about the the iPad, and increasing your ability to use it as a full laptop computer.

The DOCKr—which just won a Bronze International Design Award by International Design Awards (IDA)—comes in two variations, both of which feature a polycarbonate shell that accommodates landscape and portrait viewing, has 140 degrees of rotation, closes into a carrying case, and offers complete protection for your iPad.

inNuevo DOCKr for iPad

The DOCKr 2, however, takes the functionality a big step further, as it…

… is also equipped with electronic features including a battery (with up to 4-8 hours of extended battery life– dependent on device usage), wireless speakers, and USB ports to charge electronic devices.

The DOCKr 2 is a six-in-one, flexible accessory for the Apple iPad, combining ergonomics, electronics and utility into a unique and fun product. It was developed with a user-centric approach to enhance and extend the users’ experience with their tablets.

Both models accommodate the Apple Wireless Keyboard, and the inNuevo Wireless Keyboard which can be purchased separately. The inNuevo Keyboard is sold in five colors that match the options for the DOCKr itself: ruby red, midnight blue, emerald green, absolute black, and pearl white.

At press time, the DOCKr is just shy of $10,000 towards its $15,000 goal. Pledge options being at $1. Pledges of $50 or more will get you one of the first shipping DOCKr 1 models, with the DOCKr 2 model coming in at $105 or more. Of course, there are many other incentives as well, so head on over to the DOCKr Kickstarter page to check them out.

Sadly, none of them involve an eMate.

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