Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs biopic, iSteve, is now live

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Funny or Die’s Steve Jobs biopic, aptly titled iSteve, finally went live today. Although not as immediately hilarious as many of their other videos, iSteve manages to weave together historical fact with hilarious fiction for an irreverent look at the late Steve Jobs.

iSteve features Justin Long of “I’m a Mac” fame as the lead, and Jorge Garcia (Hurley from Lost) as bumbling, oafish sidekick Wozniak, who is the target of a barrage of verbal and physical insults. Although loosely based on the reality of Jobs’ life, the Funny or Die writers took extensive license, turning Jobs’ upbringing into a backwoods hillbilly escapade and inventing a bizarre (but stylistically effective) love triangle between Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Melinda Gates. The plot, while wildly improbable, is chock full of references that dedicated Apple, Next, and Pixar fans (those of us who remember the Quadra and know what NuBus is) will appreciate.

Running a total of 80 minutes, iSteve is narrated as a Jobs keynote that breaks the fourth wall. If you need something to keep you entertained until the legitimate biography starring Ashton Kutcher comes out, or if you just need to kill an hour and a half at work, check out iSteve over at Funny or Die.

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