Vendetta Online MMO comes to iPad

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Vendetta OnlineVendetta Online, an MMO based on player vs. player space combat with all the pew pew pew you can handle, is now available for the iPad. The subscription-based game features regular updates and weekly expansions, along with the opportunity for players to test missions before they’re integrated into the game’s universe.

What are the features of Vendetta Online? To the press release!

  • Grand scale – Explore 30 star systems, each containing 256 different sectors, adding up to 7680 regions of explorable space.
  • Twitch-based space combat – Utilize both tilt and on-screen touch inputs to control your starship.
  • True MMO experience on iPad – Unique interstellar missions and real-time PvP space combat.
  • Seamless gameplay between platforms – Play via PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS all in the same gaming universe.
  • Single player “Free Play” mode – Perfect your flying technique and enjoy minigames offline.

Vendetta Online costs 99 cents and includes one month of play. The regular subscription rate is $1/month.

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