Free Apps Roundup for April 19, 2013

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AviaryThis week on the Free Apps Roundup: It’s the week of the update; various apps have been significantly upgraded. Take, for instance, Aviary. It’s up to version 2, and it’s a feature-packed photo editing app that’s easy to use. Also, TWC has enabled live TV streaming outside of the home network for cable subscribers. And if upgrades aren’t your thing, there’s a zombie killing and driving game called R.I.P. Rally. Plus tons more.

The Top Three Free Apps:

  • Aviary – A picture once taken is not necessarily finished. In fact, for many of us, it’s where the work starts. Aviary is a powerful photo editor that’s quick and easy to use. There are photo effects, frames, stickers, and tools galore. You can do all of the standard picture adjustments and more. Heck, you can even add the faint reflection of a planet into the sky. If you take pictures, you should give it a try.
  • TWC TV – They might charge you too much for cable and think you don’t want your Internet any faster, but at least the newest update to the TWC TV app allows subscribers to view some live TV channels on your iOS device, even when you aren’t on your home network. That’s right, it’s a little like Slingbox. You can even program your DVR from anywhere. So go get some use out of your cable subscription next time you’re away from home.
  • R.I.P. Rally – Road rage required. Start your engines and destroy the undead in this mix of arena driving and zombie killing. This game gives you dual stick controls to plough through and subsequently destroy waves of the undead. Only problem is that your ammo is not unlimited, so you’ll need to keep an eye on it.

Free Apps:

  • Facebook – The latest update of this social network app comes with chat heads, stickers and more. Chat heads allows you to keep chatting from anywhere in the app, which is apparently a good thing.
  • Bookworm Heroes – Build words, beat friends, become a bookworm hero. Because you totally need another word game.
  • Yahoo! Weather – See the weather like never before. If the built-in weather app isn’t cutting it for you, check out Yahoo!’s take on weather with detailed weather information and forecasts. There are even interactive radar, satellite, heat, and wind maps.

Free Apps for a Limited Time:

  • Augmented Driving – Upgrade your car with augmented reality and advanced real-time object detection. It has lane detection, distance estimates, and lane crossing acoustic signal. You can also use it as a dash cam app.
  • Solar: Weather – It’s a super simple, no frills, streamlined weather app.
  • miniSynth 2 – A real-time virtual analog synthesizer with 32-bit professional quality DSP and extremely low latency. It supports Audiobuss, audio copy/paste, and a virtual MIDI support.
  • Split Lens – Ever wanted to be in more than one place? This app can make it look so. It can suspend you in the air, swap your body parts, and more.
  • Stupid Zombies 2 – The undead return in this game with exciting, brainless creatures, weapons, puzzles, moody environments, and 500 levels.
  • Eighty-Eight – A simple but addictive puzzle game inspired by the classic number logic game with a modernized look and feel. Drop numbered blocks into grids, place and set off the bomb strategically to trigger chain reactions.
  • Amazing Fingers – Test your dexterity, wit and sense of adventure. The goal is to drag colored chips to the same colored target, which moves. Plus, it’s a multiplayer game. It’s almost like Twister for your fingers, which makes it perfect for date night.
  • AstroWings2: Space War – The second in a three part series of games. You pilot a starship in a top down vertical shooter. There are 13 levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Last Temple 2 – It’s an addictive puzzle game sequel with 80 puzzling levels and 10 power ups to master and use.
  • Star Hound – The night is young, how far can you run? Race across rooftops, swing from ledge to ledge with a grappling hook, or blast to the next building with your makeshift jetpack.
  • 247 Missiles – Defend your cities against enemy attacks via missiles.
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