Arcane Legends MMO expands to the Battle of Nordr

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Battle for Nordr

We’ve spoken about the fantasy co-op RPG Arcane Legends numerous times here at AppleTell, and Spacetime Studios has now given us another reason. Fans of the MMO for desktop, iOS and Android will be happy to learn about the Battle of Nordr expansion, which brings additional content, a level cap increase and action-packed frozen fun as the story of the warrior’s icy homeland unfolds.

For those who don’t know, Arcane Legends tales place in the persistent world of Arlor, in which you battle as a deadly rogue, mystical sorcerer, or hulking warrior. On your own or with friends, you’ll battle – goblins, trolls, necromancers and much more in your quest for glory and gold.

Battle for Nordr

With the Battle of Nordr update:

… warrior clans have been driven from their homes by a mysterious foe. Rumors spread throughout the mainland of Arlor that Frost Giants have returned to conquer the city. In order to save Nordr heroes must travel through the frozen woodlands, climbing treacherous terrain to defeat the frigid monsters.

The update brings the following features:

  • Nordr adventure areas
  • Level cap raised 5 levels to 31
  • New items and pets to collect, including an Arcane warrior weapon
  • New monsters to fight
  • Mythic rarity chest armor for all classes

Arcane Legends can be downloaded for free from the App Store, Google Play or the Chrome Web Store. For more information, visit or read the AppleTell Appidemic.

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