Sex and the iPhone: Women are from Venus, men are from Moscone

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Do men and women get the same thing from their Apple user experience?

Sex and the City iPhone case

I’ve heard, read, written and talked about the fact that Apple’s greatest weapon in its ever growing arsenal of awesome weapons isn’t its design ethos or kick-ass marketing, but its user experience. It’s the simple fact that when you click a button, or swipe the screen on your iPhone, it makes you happy. But from recent conversations and experiences with my wife, I wonder whether men and women share the same Apple user experience, or if they differ.

I’m a chap. My wife isn’t. We both have iPhones and both use them all the time. Nothing strange there, then. We obviously use different apps more regularly than others; I use Flipboard all the time and my wife uses Facebook, for example.

What’s more difficult to determine is why she doesn’t get excited when she finds something new on her device, or, more specifically, when Apple announces something new. Every time I see a new product being unveiled, I turn into a foolish, childlike imbecile whose attention can only be withdrawn from the television by the occurrence of an enormous natural disaster entirely localised in my bathroom. Whereas my wife barely looks up at the television, at the climactic moment when Tim finally presses the button and shows us all our future.

I’ve always put it down to Venus and Mars—men and women, you know. But recently, I’ve got to thinking that women are actually hard wired to be less interested in technology stuff. I’ve probably offended you all now, but I’m going to carry on regardless.

When I speak to my friends about Apple and technology and cool things that interest me, we debate and even argue over most aspects of it. It’s the point of having a discussion. Human beings enjoy being tested and enjoy playing the devil’s advocate with certain topics. However, my friends and I all seem to share common ground on one point—our wives/girlfriends don’t understand what the fuss is about.

Imagine if there was a scientific study done to determine the effect of user experience on women against men. Imagine the marketing insight this might achieve. The power to determine once and for all that most women just aren’t that bothered about the technology they use. I say most, because I think it is only most. Women in the tech world seem to be driven by a deeper motivation than the propagation of information and appear to understand the inherent majesty that comes with being on the cusp of technology in the 21st century.

It’s such an awesome time to be alive and to witness the ever-growing number of broken boundaries across our culture. Technology will shape my children’s lives and assist me as I grow old. It will teach me to explore and foster interest where there was none. It has and will continue to liberate entire populations of people. I want to share this enthusiasm with my beautiful wife, but she’s far too busy reading about her ex-workmate who’s decided to stay in the job she hates for the eleventh time this month.

Are you a woman in the tech world? A guy facing an uphill battle at home. Drop me a comment below. I promise to respond, I want a conversation!!

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