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What’s the one thing about Siri that really holds it back? Is it the constant diatribe of gaffs it makes when you speak slowly and normally at a steady volume into the device, or is it the fact that when you’re trying to say something improvised—like an email or message—you get cut off before you can finish?

I’d say there is some real competition for the crown of most annoying thing Siri does, but there is now hope. It comes in the form of an app called voice Recognition. The App does one thing; it recognises your voice using a technology similar to Siri and converts it quickly into text.

What is it?

Voice RecognitionThe best feature of Voice Recognition is a switch that allows you to turn off the app’s ability to detect the end of your speech. If you’ve ever used a dictaphone, you’ll know why that’s awesome. When you dictate a message into a machine or to a person, you need time to stop, breathe, say “urm” a lot and then carry on. Siri doesn’t allow you to do this because it’s focused on you providing short sharp bursts of info that can be easily translated on the go.

With Voice Recognition, you now have the ability to dictate an entire, complex email or message without the need to worry about rushing to prevent the machine from cutting you off. It’s actually very empowering to have the facility to dictate the contents of an email on the go and then simply copy/paste into your mail client and send when you’re all done. You can also share your text in-app.

How does it work?

Voice Recognition can recognize 25 languages, which is useful if you speak something other than English. The user interface of the app is also great. It’s simple and effective with a nice graphic to show the volume and pitch of your voice. It is a wee bit bland, though; a little too Eastern Bloc for my liking.

When the text has been converted (which only takes seconds even for a larger bulk of text), you can immediately share it via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and some obscure Russian thing. You can also share your newly captured voice via email and SMS, which is very useful indeed!

Is it contagious?

Go to the app store and buy this App immediately, lest you incur my displeasure!

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