War Thunder to take flight on iOS and Android

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War Thunder

Remember when you were watching that Pearl Harbor movie a while back and it sucked and you fell asleep and then you woke up towards the end it was suddenly awesome because of the WWII dogfighting scenes? Well, you can skip all the junk and get right to the good stuff with Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder WWII MMO combat game will soon take flight over iOS and Android skies.

The PC version of War Thunder has over 1.5 million active users despite currently being in open beta. War Thunder Mobile will offer a similar experience, but is being built from the ground up to serve as its own game, rather than a gimmick to get would be pilots to sign up for the PC version.

Specifically built for smartphones and tablets, the mobile version of War Thunder will deliver console-like graphics, breathtaking aerial action and a unique game mode not found in the PC version: Dogfight. War Thunder brings players up close to experience the dangerous theaters of World War II, all from the safety of their mobile device.

The mobile version of War Thunder provides players with an unparalleled experience to patrol the skies of World War II and exert their inflight dominance from anywhere, at any time. Precise 3D-models, console-like graphics and the groundbreaking “Dogfight” mode.

No timetable has been announced for the iOS and Android release of War Thunder, but if you’d like to whet your appetite, you can head over to

War Thunder

If you’ve got a PC, you can still sign up for the open beta. Everyone else, sit tight. We’ll keep you posted on the game’s progress.

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