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Don’t be deceived! Learn the ropes of the art trade and create your own museum while traveling between seven renowned cities where you’ll find priceless art collections. Just like a professional art dealer, you’ll buy, sell and auction off art in Art Mogul for OS X, a creative mix of simulation and hidden object game.

What is it?

G5 Entertainment—the company that brought us games such as CrossWorlds: The Flying City and Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden—now brings us the Mac version of Art Mogul.

Art Mogul for OS X

Whether you’re an art enthusiast or not, this mix of simulation, hidden object, and business strategy game will make you one heck of a virtual art dealer.

How does it work?

At first, the game is quite intimidating with all the paintings and options flashing on your screen. However, the developers provided a pre-game feature that teaches you the basic mechanics. You’ll meet Mr. Bridges who will become your mentor on how to become a successful art dealer.

Art Mogul for OS X

The basic mechanics work like this:

  1. Art dealer goes to the art gallery. You can trade paintings here risk- and hassle-free since all of them are guaranteed authentic.
  2. Buy the first painting using the virtual cash, then sell it profitably and receive bonuses.
  3. Any painting bought in the museum is considered sold and automatically added to your portfolio. Go the market place to find other collections.
  4. You can visit a coffee shop where you can buy and sell the paintings. However, it is the last place to go, since the chances of acquiring fake art paintings is very high.

Call Mr. Bridges if you need any help on dealings, but as you progress in the game, you’ll be able to master it.

The secret of Art Mogul is to find the right painting and buy it at its lowest price so you can sell profitably to other market places. The more you find the fashionable objects required in each painting, the more likely the owner will sell it at its best price.

Art Mogul for OS X

One of the most profitable ways to earn money as an art dealer is to execute requests in each museum you visit. However, this is also quite challenging because you must find the right painting where the required object was painted.

If you have a keen eyesight and good memory, you’ll be able to find it faster.

Is it contagious?

Art Mogul is somewhat intimidating at first. Fortunately, Mr. Bridges helped me along the way until I unlocked the first city. In terms of the concept, it’s innovative with its combination of hidden object gameplay with business simulation.

However, I was expecting more levels and strategies, and didn’t like that so many of the objects and paintings repeat throughout the game.

Nonetheless, my eyes and memory were challenged.

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Seller: G5 Entertainment
Cost: Free ($4.99 for full game unlock)
Buy: Art Mogul

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