Appidemic: Deep Sea Deli for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad

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What is it?

Make sandwiches in an underwater Deep Sea Deli in this puzzle match game for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and iPad mini.

How does it work?

Customers come in to your deli with the ingredients they want on their sandwich. To make their, order you drag along the ingredients in a line and, as long as they’re next to each other, the customers get served a delicious sandwich. If you make sandwiches quickly enough, you get a bonus multiplier that increases your score and gives you mystery meat that you can add to your sandwiches to further increase your score.

Deep Sea Deli gameplay

Your goal is to use all of the ingredients you’re given to clear the screen and earn coins that you can spend on bonuses. The challenge is that the ingredients have to be next to each other and you don’t get new ingredients to replace what you use. If you don’t plan ahead you’ll end up with orders you can’t fill because the ingredients are too far apart. On the other hand, if you do well and clear a bunch of screens you’ll be given new ingredients to make sandwiches with.

Fortunately, you have a friendly puffer fish that will eat the ingredients you can’t use. He has a limit to how much he can eat, but you can use the coins you earn to increase that number. Once he’s eaten everything he can, the game ends and you can then try again to get a higher score and clear more screens.

You can log in with Facebook or Game Center to share your high score, and there are some goals you can work for that give you extra coins to buy bonuses with.

Deep Sea Deli goals

Is it contagious?

Deep Sea Deli is an okay puzzle match game that challenges your ability to plan ahead. While it’s hampered by a lack of gameplay variety, it’s a fun, fast-paced game.

Category: Games
Seller: Playfirst
Cost: Free with in-app purchases
Download: Deep Sea Deli

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