V-MODA Metallo designer cases for iPhone 5 now available

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V-MODA’s pretty much mostly about headphones. We know that, GadgeTell knows that, and you know that. But remember that they’re designer headphones, so why not design some other items, too. Items like cases for the iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy III, for example. And why not make them compatible with the VAMP VERZA mobile Hi-Fi amplifier, DAC, and Battery charger? And thus, the V-MODA Metallo.

V-MODA Metallo

The Metallo is designed to work on its own or with the VAMP VERZA via the interchangeable back plates. A solid aluminum plate and the VERZADOCK bolts onto VAMP VERZA’s 4-bolt main design so you can slide and lock the phone to this portable audio powerhouse.

Metallo is forged from a single aluminum metal block machine milled and laser-cut through a state-of-the-art, precise design process that takes one hour to complete each case. The exquisite attention to detail is evident in the most subtle nuances of the Metallo from the unique V-ANGLE design to the tactile audio feedback of switching back plates which emulates the sound of unsheathing a sword.

You hear that? Unsheathing a sword. I’d just sit around and play Highlander all day long with my iPhone 5 case. Suddenly, I have to go back to every iPhone case I’ve reviewed and dock it a grade because it doesn’t emulate the sound of unsheathing a sword.

V-MODA Metallo

The Metallo is available now for $101 from and comes in red coral, silver snake, orange serpente and black mamba. Metallo features a one-year warranty and 60-day test drive guarantee.

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