iTunes Store 10th anniversary celebrated by Apple

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itunes store 10th anniversary

April 28th of this year will mark the iTunes Store 10th Anniversary. And to celebrate a decade of revolutionizing the world of music distribution, Apple has posted a Decade of iTunes micro-page at the iTunes store-front to honor the event.

Visitors to iTunes will immediately notice the interactive timeline in front of the iTunes Store, giving fans a quick look at how the music store has matured over the years. Clicking on specific dates will provide a brief history about the top-selling songs for each calendar-year, all the countries where the iTunes Store launched, the amount of songs that were downloaded over the years, announcements of new iPod products, and more.

Since Apple first introduced the iTunes Store to the masses on April 28th of 2003, iTunes users have downloaded more than 10 billions songs. Here’s to another 10 billion over the next 10 years.

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