iWALK Mirror Shield for iPhone 5 review

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Most of us iPhone owners put a lot of thought into which case we’re going to use. Along with providing proper protection from bumps, scrapes and drops, we usually want a case to reflect a bit of our personality. With the iWALK Mirror Shield, our iPhone case can reflect our actual selves. Literally. Sadly, that’s not always a good thing.

iWALK Mirror Shield

Now, before you start bombarding my publishing director with angry e-mails, I’m not insulting your physical appearance (you know I dig that look, even if I don’t always say it). But before I explain myself, let’s talk about what the Mirror Shield is.

Judging by its immediate appearance, the Mirror Shield is your typical snap-on plastic case. It covers both sides of your iPhone, snapping around it with just enough of a lip to keep the iPhone off surfaces when placed screen down. The top and bottom are completely open, allowing for full access and full Lightning adapter compatibility when the case is on. The camera opening is very wide, and the volume buttons and mute switch are easily used. The fit is nice and snug, but the case isn’t difficult to remove with a bit of fingertip prying.

iWALK Mirror Shield

But as the product name implies, the selling point is the mirror. The back of the Mirror Shield is reflective, the degree of which falls somewhere between the iPhone screen when it’s not turned on and a that of an actual mirror. I imagine this may also be affected by the color you choose, as the Mirror Shield is available in black, silver, red, blue, yellow, and white, all of which can come with either a black or white frame.

iWALK Mirror Shield

We were provided with a black review unit, which made for a dark but clear reflection.

The indirect benefit here is that your immediate surroundings become part of the iPhone case design. That can be kind of cool, provided you’re not stuck in a school classroom or that totally illogical Saw bathroom. The direct benefit is that your iPhone case can become a compact mirror.

The drawback is that when you’re not using the mirror, the Mirror Shield becomes a collection of fingerprints. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a case show off fingerprints as well as the Mirror Shield. In the photo below, I wiped the case clean, then put my iPhone in it, turned it over, and took the picture.

iWALK Mirror Shield

Can you imagine how it’ll look after a few days of use? To make matters worse, the Mirror Shield does not ship with a cleaning cloth.

It’s not a bad case otherwise. It’s well constructed, fairly price, and will offer some protection from scrapes and scuffs. But I can’t imagine the occasional need to check yourself out will outweigh the constant need to wipe the Mirror Shield clean.

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iWALK Mirror Shield review

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Provides: Protection for iPhone 5 with mirror effect
Developer: iWALK
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $24.99
Availability: Now

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