LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes comes to funlovers everywhere on iOS

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LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

Don’t be put off by the phrase “family-friendly adventure” in this press release. Normally a death knell for video games, the “family-friendly” in LEGO titles better translates to “joyous.” For proof, you can now check out Warner Bros. Interactive and TT Games’ LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes is actually based on LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes, which was released to critical acclaim on consoles and portable gaming systems in 2012, and was one of the best-sellign video games of the year. As for this version:

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes for iOS gives players the opportunity to join their favorite DC super heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and scores of others to save Gotham City from the menacing partners in crime, The Joker and Lex Luthor. Players can unlock 80 usable characters through battling enemies and exploring numerous levels. Or, they can gain instant access to their favorite iconic DC characters through In-App Purchases to harness full control of the vast array of powerful super heroes and nefarious villains.

Utilizing two distinct control schemes, Classic and Touch Screen, players will be able to take advantage of amazing super-powers and fun gadgets in order to defeat foes, solve puzzles, and even create unique super heroes with customizable characters. LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes is the fourth LEGO® game for the iOS platforms, joining its predecessors that have generated close to four million downloads to date.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes is available now for $4.99 from the App Store.

LEGO Batman: DC Super Heroes

To get you in the mood, I leave you this acknolwedgement from the 1966 Batman movie.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We wish to express our gratitude to the enemies of crime and crusaders against crime throughout the world for their inspirational example. To them, and to lovers of adventure, lovers of pure escapism, lovers of unadulterated entertainment, lovers of the ridiculous and the bizarre—to funlovers everywhere—this picture is respectfully dedicated. If we have overlooked any sizable groups of lovers, we apologize. – THE PRODUCERS

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