Transformers: Legends CCG now available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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Transformer LegendsGood news for people who love licensable robots that change into other things! Transformers: Legends—a collectible card game app—is now available, free-to-play in the iTunes App store and Google Play. Players build a team of heroic Autobots or villainous Decepticons and attempt to accumulate resources. And the very best news is that its inspired by the first generation of characters from the ’80s, and not the nonsensical films!

Powered by Mobage, Transformers: Legends allows gamers to:

  • Customize and power up your Transformers team with credits, cards, and battles
  • Defend the world with the Autobots or destroy it with the Decepticons
  • Engage friends and foes in 9 vs. 9 battles with bonus attacks
  • Hundreds of Transformers characters and items to discover, recruit and collect
  • Regular events to win limited-edition Transformers characters!

Transformers: Legends requires iOS 4.3 and an iPhone 4, a 4th generation iPod touch, an iPad 2, or an iPad mini. While free-to-play, it does featured purchasable in-app upgrades. You can download the game here.

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