Papernomad Zattere iPad sleeve review

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Provides: Protection for iPad
Developer: Papernomad
Minimum Requirements: Any gen iPad (also available for iPhone, iPad mini, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro)
Price: $50.00
Availability: Now

I once read a report suggesting that the reason the Toyota Prius was more successful than the Honda Civic Hybrid is because the Prius has its own look. Hybrid owners want everyone to know they’re driving a hybrid—that they’re helping out in some way. If that’s you, you may also be interested in the Papernomad Zattere iPad sleeve.

Also, if you’re into doodling.

Papernomad is a line of sustainable, eco-friendly sleeves available in the U.S. through Griffin Technology. The exterior is made from a paper composite that gives it the look of a paper grocery bag, provided your grocery store stitches their bags with fancy patterns. I’m personally reminded of junior high and high school when we used to wrap our textbooks in grocery bags to protect them.

Papernomad Zattere iPad sleeve

That comparison can be carried a bit further, because we then used to draw on our textbook covers. I can’t recall my own personal doodles, although they likely included a lot of fighter jets flying towards distant mountains, as well as numerous band logos. I haven’t yet drawn on my own Zattere iPad sleeve, but I know it wouldn’t have looked as good as this sample from Sean Hood in Nashville, Tennessee:

Papernomad Zattere iPad sleeve

Hopefully Sean didn’t waste class time putting all that down.

The trouble with those paper bag book covers is that they didn’t last long. This shouldn’t be the case with the Papernomad Zattere, which is resistant to spills and minor moisture exposure. You wouldn’t want to submerge it, but you wouldn’t do that with most other iPad cases, would you?

The Papernomad Zattere is also tear resistant. Made from sustainably forested trees (and FSC Forest Stewardship Council certified) the, “Papernomad’s patented paper composite is created from several layers of paper and biopolymers. It resist rips.” I haven’t fully tested that, but I have allowed my 18-month-old son to play with the Zattere. It’s been squeezed, dragged, bent, and stuffed into all manner of odd places that make it hard to find in the morning, but it still looks pretty good, with no tears in the paper or the stitching.

Some definite drool marks, though.

The interior of the Zattere is made of wool felt that prevents scratches and—when combined with the batting stitched between the wool and the paper—provides some protection from bumps and drops.

Papernomad Zattere iPad sleeve

A hemp pull-tab can is used to easily remove your iPad from the Zattere, although it doesn’t always sit right for easy insertion of the iPad; I sometimes had to straighten it out inside the sleeve in order to get the iPad in. A magnet at the end of the pull-tab holds it to the sleeve and keeps your iPad inside.

There are, of course, better sleeves and cases available if iPad protection is your main concern. Functionality, too, as the Papernomad Zattere doesn’t try to be a stand or hold any other accessories. But it allows you to be creative. It keeps your iPad safe when not in use. And it helps you make a point without having to buy a Prius. And I see nothing wrong with any of that.

Now, I just have to grab a magic marker and get creative. Do bands these days still have logos?

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Papernomad Zattere iPad sleeve review

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