[Rumor] OS X v10.9 to borrow more features from iOS

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As we get closer to WWDC 2013 in June, rumors are starting to spread regarding Apple’s next update to the Macintosh operating system: OS X 10.9. According to several online reports, OS X 10.9 will continue with Mountain Lion’s trend of borrowing features from iOS for Apple’s iDevices.

Speculation is that Apple is preparing to update the core design and key functionality, making necessary software enhancements and improvements geared towards “power users.” Amongst those new features are a new version of Safari and improvements on how users multitask on a Mac.

Here’s what we should expect from OS X 10.9, according to rumor:

  • The Finder (OS X’s file manager) will be re-designed from the ground-up to give it a new look and design along with the ability for users to enable tabbed browsing.
  • Safari will be seeing an improved interface and a speed boost with a new rendering engine that will help users in loading websites while browsing the web.
  • Multitasking – Apple will give users more control over how they switch between the open apps on their computer. Rumors suggest that OS X will gain similar functionality to how you multitask on iOS; using finger gestures on a MacBook’s trackpad, for example, will bring up an iOS-like multitasking bar from which users will be able to scroll from left to right to select apps. It’s also rumored that Apple could implement features like app background “suspension” that will help preserve and prolong MacBook battery life.

With WWDC 2013 just around the corner, we’ll be playing close attention to what Apple may be unveiling at the event. Be sure to stay tuned to AppleTell leading up to the WWDC keynote on June 10th.

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  • Steve

    Aside from the dumbing down of each progressive operating system, could Apple please put in a few “new” features?

    How about right-clicking to rename a file? I can’t believe that an operating system that has been around for so long could be so far behind on common sense everyday tasks.

    What about fixing the arcane “An older file exists” dialogue? Good grief – Windows ’95 put a side-by-side comparison up of the two files in question so that a proper comparison could be made. Again, this is unthinkable that OS X still hasn’t come up with something so basic, yet so important. And you know what? Neither of these two features will be included in 10.9, I bet. Yet, they give us Twitter integration – also knows as the world’s all-time stupidest idea where people suddenly think they’re important and everyone wants to hear what they want to say. Yeah. That’s what I want in an operating system. Ego-inflated uselessness.

    Get with the program, Apple, and start making your system do something worthwhile for a change. Too bad Snow Leopard wasn’t the last system before Apple “improved” it with the worst operating system ever, namely “Lion”. Get it right this time.