id America Metropolitan Aluminum In-Ear Headphones review

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We received another iPhone accessory from id America: the Metropolitan Aluminum In-Ear Headphones. It’s really a pretty basic pair of headphones with some added features to bring extra value to the $29.99 asking price. For that you’ll get a 10mm dynamic drive that delivers decent sound with ample treble and base.

id America Metropolitan

The id America Metropolitan headphones come with memory foam ear tips which id America says offer optimal sound isolation, to which I can attest. Even in a noisy environment, the isolation feature of the headphones works well. The headphones also give you a more comfortable fit than headphones with rubber ear tips. But if you’re used to rubber, id America includes three sets in small, medium and large sizes. The tips match the six available colors—silver, pink, green, black, blue and red.

id America Metropolitan

Another nice feature of the id America Metropolitan headphones is the fiber-coated cable which minimizes the problem of entagling cables common to most headphones. This is one problem I have to bear whenever I used the iPhone earphones while running. More often than not, I’d have to stop to fix the pesky wires. But with the Metropolitans, I don’t have to worry about this anymore.

The id America Metropolitan headphones come with an L-shape 3.5mm gold-plated plug which won’t break or bend easily. This ensures that the plug will not damage your iPhone and other musical devices. And yes, the Metropolitans have a remote function for music playback controls as well as for accepting incoming calls while you are listening to music.

id America Metropolitan

Overall, the id America Metropolitan Aluminum In-Ear Headphones give you decent value for the price (especially considering the included premium suede carrying pouch). If you’re looking to get an inexpensive set of headphones to use for your iPhone or other devices with 3.5mm jack, this is a pretty good option to consider.

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Buy the id America Metropolitan In-Ear Headphones

Provides: In-ear audio reproduction with remote and microphone
Developer: id America
Compatibility: Any device with 3.5mm headphone jack; remote is compatible with most Apple devices
Price: $29.99

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