iWalk See-through case for iPhone 5 review

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The “see-through” in the iWalk See-through case for iPhone 5 is referring to the cover, I think. It’s a folio style case with a cover that flips over your screen (kind of), the top right corner of which is cut out for maybe two reasons, neither of which make a lot of sense. First, it complements the metallic iWalk stamp on the lower left. Second, it allows you to still use the camera when the cover is flipped back behind the phone.

The problem is that the opening doesn’t completely match up. It sticks out too far unless you’re squeezing it flush with the back of the case, otherwise causing a black bar to appear in your photos.

The fitting problems don’t end there, unfortunately. The photo below is my standard product shot for reviews:

iWalk See-Through iPhone 5 case

See how the cover stays open at that angle? That’s not placed for a better photo, it’s just all the further the cover will shut on its own. The side of the iWalk See-through isn’t wide enough to actually reach over the iPhone, so the cover won’t shut all the way. iWalk’s website claims the cover is magnetized, but it certainly didn’t help in this regard, even after I forced the shut.

Of course, the iWalk website also claims the See-through carries credit cards and ID cards, but unless they mean you can wrap a rubber band around everything to hold them in place, I’ll dispute that claim. There are no pockets, and there’s no room to slide them between the phone and the case, which you wouldn’t want to do regardless as they’d scuff up your phone.

When the phone is in the See-through, you still have access to the power button, headphone jack and Lightning port whether case is open or hanging slightly open. However, two straps at the bottom prevent you from using a Lightning adapter, and one of them directly covers the microphone. The opening on the back creeps dangerously close to the top of the camera, and although it looks like that would be a problem, photos turned out just fine (unless the cover was folded back, as mentioned above).

iWalk See-Through iPhone 5 case

The fit is off in so many places of the iWalk See-through iPhone case that if it weren’t for the “iPhone 5″ stamp on the inside of the cover I would’ve thought I was given a review unit for the wrong device.

The iWalk See-through case is available only in black, but additional colors wouldn’t help it. It doesn’t even matter what it’s made of or the degree of protection it may offer; the iWalk See-Through is a case you simply need to avoid.

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iWalk See-Through case for iPhone 5 review

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Product: See-through
 Folio-style protection for iPhone 5
Developer: iWalk USA
Minimum Requirements: iPhone 5
Price: $34.99
Availability: Now

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