MLB Live Challenge coming to iOS and Facebook

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MLB Live Challenge

Baseball’s going on right now. How are the Orioles doing? I’ll start paying closer attention after the Stanley Cup playoffs are overwith. Or, maybe I’ll pick up MLB Live Challenge from Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc., instead. It’s a free-to-play, social mobile baseball game cross-connected to Facebook and iOS devices, and it’ll arrive this spring.

With MLB Live Challenge Konami has combined what many tell me is the main appeal of baseball (statistics) with casual gameplay, “… to create a deeply immersive sports experience played during the Major League Baseball season.” Players will be able to to pick up where they left off on Facebook with their iOS devices, and vice-versa.

In MLB Live Challenge, players assume the role of team owner and build a lineup of current Major League Baseball players. Gamers can play head-to-head against other teams across a map of North America. Adding a unique element to social mobile games, the players’ lineup performs better when their batters and pitchers are succeeding in real-life Major League games. In MLB Live Challenge, players can check in daily to see how their roster performed in the real baseball games the day before, and use Challenge Points in anticipation of the next day’s results. Challenge Point winnings will go a long way towards enhancing the experience in the title.

MLB Live Challenge delivers high production value and key moments during gameplay. Players can spin the wheel to see if they hammer the ball into the centerfield bleachers, or line it straight into the infielder’s glove. The title is the first of its kind to combine 3D animations, daily MLB statistics and chance mechanics.

MLB Live Challenge will be available this Spring on Facebook and iOS devices. To learn more about the game as it approaches release, like MLB Live Challenge on Facebook.

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