Free Apps Roundup for May 3, 2013

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mzl.lrfkqtrb.480x480-75This week on the Free Apps Roundup: Have you been itching more Angry Birds because you just can’t get enough? Good news, there’s yet another new Angry Birds game, but this time it comes with social networking features built right in. It’s also free, which is great news. If you’re sick of the birds, that’s okay, because no one ever tires of LEGOs. Now you can download a LEGO Star Wars game for iOS for free as well. It’s The Yoda Chronicles. It’s no Yoda Stories, but it’s sure to get you excited for May 4th. Greeting card apps aren’t exactly a new idea, but Felt takes the customization a step further by allowing you to actually use your own handwriting on the inside of the card, all from the app. Pretty nifty.

The Top Three Free Apps:

  • Angry Birds Friends – Finally, another Angry Birds game Use your phone to challenge your Facebook friends for the title of ultimate pig popper and bird flinger. There are weekly tournaments with trophies, daily rewards, gifts and more. It’s Angry Birds plus a social network, which is apparently what someone somewhere has been dreaming of.
  • LEGO Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles – Combine two of the greatest things ever: LEGO and Star Wars. That’s right, it’s a completely free LEGO Star Wars game for iOS. You play as Yoda or Count Dooku as you battle your way through eight iconic levels from LEGO Star Wars per side. There are mini movies and exclusive bonus levels available as you rank up. As always, May the Fourth be with you!
  • Felt – Did you have a nice Mother’s Day? I’m just kidding, Mother’s Day isn’t here quite yet, but you can send an awesome personalized card for that or other special occasions with this app. Not only can you pick a custom card with this app, you can send your own handwriting or chicken scratch on the inside via your iPad. Cards are just $3.99 including postage.

Free Apps:

  • Kindle – Amazon pushed a major update to the Kindle app this week that includes accessibility features to make using the app easier for blind and visually impaired users. They even added VoiceOver support making it possible for you to listen to your eBooks…as long as you like listening to a robot. If you’re a Kindle user, definitely update. If you aren’t a Kindle user, you might just have to start reading more books.
  • Dark Avenger – Enter the dungeon and hack-n-slash your way towards immortality. It’s a dark action RPG with real-time global PvP.

Free Apps for a Limited Time:

  • All-in Fitness – Trying to get back in shape? This app can help you do it with 100 ready made workouts designed by fitness experts for different goals. Or make your own custom workout. It also tracks your nutrition with a calorie counter that has over 300,000 foods and recipes.
  • Mini Ninjas – The ultimate Ninja game for iOS. Join Hiro and his Mini Ninja fiends as they run, jump and slash their way through amazing spellbound lands to retrieve the stolen artifact from the dragon.
  • Ninja Striker! – Need more Ninja? Okay, how about this 8bit style side-scrolling platformer?
  • Snoopy Coaster – Take Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy and Peppermint Patty on the wildest roller coaster ride on the App Store.
  • Space Agency – Now you can build the rockets you’ve always dreamed of without footing the actual bill. Build rockets, launch satellites, create a space station and explore the solar system. It is rocket science, so only the most talented astronauts should attempt it. Are you the right stuff?
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