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Aspyr May the Fourth

My lack of interest in Star Wars is well documented, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great time with it. I mean, I don’t like baseball or cottage cheese, either, but I would never interfere with your enjoyment of them…no matter how little sense it makes. And so, Star Wars fans, you should know that in honor of May the 4th, Aspyr has reduced the price of its Star Wars games by 60%, and is giving titles away throughout the day.

Their GameAgent blog provides the following details:

  1. For one, all of Aspyr’s Star Wars games are 66% off through the weekend, starting TODAY! You’ll be able to grab top rated Star Wars games like Knights of the Old RepublicJedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and The Force Unleashed. You can check out the full collection here.
  2. In addition to the sale, both Aspyr and GameAgent will be giving away coupon codes for free Star Wars games all day long on Star Wars Day! You’ll need to follow Aspyr and GameAgent on Twitter to get in on the action. Unlike our Indie Week and Strategy Week giveaways, we’ll simply post some codes publicly for all to see–the first person to redeem the code will the lucky winner, so you’ll need to be faster than Han Solo in the Kessel Run!

Star Wars fans tend to a rabid bunch, so I can’t imagine they don’t already have these games. However, you don’t have to be the type who dresses as a stormtrooper to walk in the Memorial Day parade in order to have fun with these games. My interest in Star Wars ended about 20 minutes into Return of the Jedi, but I continued to enjoy the games. So, if there are any you missed, now’s the time to try them out.

And hey, may the 4th be with you…even if it is a hokey holiday.

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