E3 2013: Mac games at a gaming expo? Absurd!

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This June will mark the third time I’ve attended E3 on behalf of AppleTell. The first time was E3 2011, when I mostly went to assist GamerTell with their Nintendo coverage, and to dig up whatever OS X or iOS material I could find. Most of my requests to demo the Apple stuff was met by blank stares, patronizing laughter or some rep who’d obviously just been awakened from a nap that started sometime around the final days of the Apple IIGS.

Last year at E3 2012, a few more OS X games could be found, but it was the iOS games that had exploded across the show floor. Two days and one man were barely enough to cover them all, especially considering I’d still agreed to help with Nintendo news.

This year, I may have to pull some of the GamerTell staff over to help me out. Why? Because the first three meetings I’ve scheduled are pretty much taking up an entire afternoon, and they’re all for Macintosh games.

That’s right, Macintosh games. Not iOS. Not Nintendo. Macintosh. It’s a glorious thing.

First up is German developer/publisher Daedalic Entertainment, who have a slew of games heading to OS X. We’ll be focusing on the turn-based RPG Blackguards and the third entry in the Deponia adventure game series, Goodbye Deponia.

E3 2013 Blackguards

But because they’ve got them and because we want them, I booked some extra time to take a look at 1954 Alcatraz, The Night of the Rabbit, and Memoria, all of which are also adventure games heading our way.

E3 2013 Memoria

That’s a lot of adventure from one company, but what if you’re not into adventure games? That’s that 3:00 is for. At that point, I move on to Russian developers Nival to see how their role-playing strategy game Prime World is coming. I first met with them in 2011 when development was in its early stages…although I did get to play through a scenario back then gave it a permanent spot on my news radar.

E3 2013 - Prime World

Last year, Nival was focusing on social media and iOS apps that mostly supplemented Prime World. This year, we’re back to the flagship title. The beta is now open and accepting applicants, so I’ll be getting more hands-on time and a possible release date, which is currently planned for sometime in 2013.

And finally, I finish the afternoon with Swedish developer/publisher Nordic Games, who in late April acquired the intellectual property rights to Darksiders, Red Faction, Summoner, and much more from THQ. Most of that won’t affect us Mac gamers. What does affect us are the action/adventure game Deadfall and the mystery game The Raven.

E3 2013 - deadfall

Both titles are in development for OS X.

Three meetings, all Macintosh; this is going to be a fun E3 for me. It’s going to be an even more fun summer/fall as these games start to be released. Until then, we’ll be keeping you covered. And come June 11th, be sure to work some time into your WWDC news searches to see what’s also going on in L.A. at E3 2013. We’ll be bringing the news and videos to you live from the show floor and from behind closed doors.

I just hope we have time to get something written between game time.

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