Evilot: Kill the heroes, protect your gold

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EvilotIt should be simple to be an evil overlord in retirement; you’re not bothering the general public (any more), so no one should bother you, right? Wrong. Your hordes of presumably  ill-gotten gold have attracted legions of adventurers, and now you have to summon your minions to protect it in the forthcoming game Evilot by Syrenaica. 

A combination of a defense game like Plants vs. Zombies and a puzzle game like Bejeweled, in Evilot you lay down monsters to attack oncoming heroes. The twist is that if you lay down three of the same creature in a row, it combines to level up into one, more powerful version of the creature. The challenge, then, is whether you want three weaker creatures guarding more lanes, or one powerful creature that can better defend itself while you grab more monsters.

Evilot, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter, will feature 50 levels and 15 units. It will launch May 15th on iOS for 99 cents, with Android, PC, Mac, Ouya and Linux versions to follow.

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