Pebble Smart Watch can now track your runs with RunKeeper

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RunKeeper Pebble smart watch

Remember the Pebble smart watch? How could you forget? One of the coolest features about the Pebble was that it could not only display time with customized watch faces, but that it could someday be used as an external display for some apps. Now, it can do just that. The RunKeeper app for iPhone and Android is among the first to use the Pebble to display information, and it’s possibly one of the most exciting uses of this feature.

RunKeeper already tracks your pace, mileage, time and more. Now you can see all of that on your wrist via the Pebble without twisting your neck sideways to try to read your iPhone on your armband upside-down. You can even start and stop your runs from the Pebble. With features like that, you might have second thoughts about whether you need an armband or if your pocket with suffice.

The best part is that unlike other wrist mounted devices that track your workouts, the Pebble is actually useful for other things. Sure, you need your iPhone to help do the heavy lifting, but if you’re a RunKeeper user, you already bring your iPhone along on runs. Now you can actually see your run details comfortably. Plus, Pebble can also control your music playback and get message notifications.

If you weren’t an original backer for Pebble on Kickstarter, then you can be jealous with the rest of us and go preorder a Pebble smart watch at RunKeeper is a free app available now for iPhone and iPod touch.

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