Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion free for Mother’s Day

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Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion

What does your mom want to do on Mother’s Day? Go out for a family dinner? Spend the whole morning in bed? Investigate a henious murder? If the latter, through Monday, May 13th, G5 is offering  Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion (Get it? MoM?) at no charge for iOS, Google Play, Kindle Fire and Nook users.

As with most hidden object games these days, Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion also includes story-driven puzzles and mini-games to keep the gameplay fresh across its 3 chapters and 25 locations.

You enter the game as Carrie Chase, a detective who investigates the murder of a New York fashion designer. Soon she comes to the disturbing realization she’s dealing with a serial killer out for more blood. The story, which plays out like an episode of CSI – complete with forensics tools, lab analysis and deduction – is quite good and with a few twists, too. Plus, the diverse characters you’ll meet are memorable and many lines of dialogue are well-written.

The game offers two game modes. Choose the Timed Mode and find all the items hidden around the scene in 10 minutes. If you fail to do this in a timely manner, you’ll start your search again with a few different objects in the list. Choose the Relaxed Mode and take your time to enjoy every detail in each scene. Glorious technicolor artwork, twisted plot, bright characters make your adventure in Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion delightful and keep you on your toes all along the game.

If you’re put off by the randomness of the items you have to find in hidden object games, it’s not a concern in the Masters of Mystery series. The objects are relevant to the story or location, bringing a sense of realism to the story and keeping you drawn into its world. The same goes for some of the objects you’ll need in order to find certain items, such as a UV light, flashlight, duster, and other detective tools.

Masters of Mystery: Crime of Fashion was developed by Big Blue Bubble and published by G5 Entertainment. You’ll need to grab separate apps for the iPhone / iPod touch and iPad, but both are free through the 13th.

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