Running With Friends won’t make you sweaty

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Running With FriendsThat’s because it’s a social game for iOS, but you’d expect nothing less from Zynga, right? The next game in what I’ve now learned is the “With Friends” series, Running With Friends is a social, endless runner game set in Pamplona, Spain, home of the Running of the Bulls Festival.

Whether it’s more important to outrun the bulls or your friends is entirely up to you.

As the seventh title in the globally popular ‘With Friends’ franchise and Zynga’s entrant to the runner category, Running With Friends brings a new level of social interaction and fun to the genre. The game includes beloved social elements such as turn-based competition with real-life friends and a chance to bullishly climb the leaderboards by jumping, bumping, and sliding through challenging game-play.

Easy to play but tough to master, players compete with friends in three rounds to outrun their opponents by swiping their screen vertically and horizontally to dodge charging bulls and speeding cars, or even ride a bucking bull for bonuses.  Players select their own in-game character and can choose to run as a ninja, ballerina, or a zombie.

Hopefully, they have (or will add) a pastry chef. If running around Spain with my friends, being chased by bulls, I just think I’d want to do it dressed like a pastry chef. No idea why.

Anyway, Running With Friends features:

  • Daredevil Destructibles: Players can slide and smash into objects such as haystacks, barrels, and other runners to collect more stars and raise their score. 
  • Boosts and Bonuses: Before each round, players can spin to receive special boosts to power up their play with more points for sliding into friends, objects, or bravely jumping on a bull’s back.
  • Passport to Pamplona: Players become tourists in Pamplona immersed in the colorful 3D environment that changes scenes with every turn, from secret alleyways to creaky dockyards to palm-lined promenades.

Running With Friends was developed in collaboration with Eat Sleep Play, and has partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts for its launch. This integration between Zynga and Dunkin’ Donuts will engage players with in-game activities such as Dunkin’ branded rewards and special boosts.

Running With Friends for iPhone and iPod touch is available for free from the App Store. iPad users will want to grab the separate (but equally free) Running With Friends HD app. Both offer in-app purchases.

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