BatchPhoto image converter updated for OS X

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If Adobe’s move to Creative Cloud only software rentals has you seeking alternatives to Photoshop, you can get some of that functionality back with BatchPhoto v3.7. This all-in-one photo manipulation tool from Bits&Coffee allows users to edit, resize, convert, watermark, and rename every image in the group with a single operation.

To edit multiple files at once, users create one or more “hot folders” on a computer, network or FTP site for BatchPhoto to monitor. When images are placed in these folders, BatchPhoto applies custom edits for the newly added or modified files.

Digital photographers who need to be able to enhance a collection of images with a single operation, real estate or construction professionals who need to process a steady flow of images efficiently, or insurance companies or law firms employees who need to annotate and watermark images for clients, can find BatchPhoto as the right tool for the job. There’s even a Home version of BatchPhoto for the amateur photographer who wants to touch up and enhance images more efficiently.

New features in BatchPhoto v3.7 for Mac include:

  • the Enterprise edition with the new Monitor component
  • greatly improved speed for the annotate filters
  • an updated user interface
  • additional improvements and fixes

Bits&Coffee BatchPhoto is available three editions: Home ($34.95), Pro ($59.95), and Enterprise ($149.95). A free trial version is available so you can test it out. For more information, including system specs and videos, visit

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  • neil roberts

    I have just purchased a new MacBook pro 13 and downloaded the App from the App store.. However, when I go to add images from my Dropbox(or anywhere else), they images in the files will not let the mouse click on them..
    Any help and suggestions would be very very useful..
    Thank You
    Kind Regards