Scuderia Ferrari P200 headphones review

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AppleTell has looked at other members of the Scuderia Ferrari collection of headphones, but the P200 is really the design superstar of the collection. Retro details like chrome-covered earcup sliders mix with modern carbon fiber texture on the earcups themselves for a look that’s unmistakably Ferrari, though they are designed to look more like the pit crew’s headphones than a race car.

scuderia ferrari p200

Featuring 50mm drivers, these cans deliver sound that’s just as big as they look, but boldness often sacrifices nuance.

Fast Moving

The Scuderia Ferrari P200 headphones place a heavy emphasis on design, and like a truly distinct car, offer completely different looks depending on which color you opt for. In black, they call to mind a fine Italian suit with subtle pattern and crisp style defining the look. In red, the look is a little more Jersey Shore, with the carbon fiber texture standing out in contrast to the red earcup and headband accents. The effect is impressive no matter which color you opt for, though I was glad I received the black pair to review, as I don’t think I have the necessary swagger to pull off the red.

scuderia ferrari p200

In either color, the functional design remains the same. These headphones are modeled after F1 pit crew headphones, so the earcups swivel through nearly 180º at the headband, and also tilt up and down at the end of the earcup arms. The result—when combined with the ultra-squishy earcup padding—is a comfortable fit that adjusts easily to a variety of head sizes. The swivel feature also makes it easy to rest these headphones around your neck without restricting your ability to look down, as you can just move the earcups flat against your chest; with 50mm drivers, these cans would otherwise act like a neck brace and restrict your movement. Despite extensive use of metal, the P200 saves weight by excluding a hinge; the tradeoff there is comfort over portability.

A Sound Thumping

With a vented design and obvious targeting towards those who enjoy fast cars and loud music, it’s practically a given that the P200 serves up resounding bass, and these headphones do not disappoint. Whether you’re listening to hip hop or just want the THX Intro in your movies to rattle your teeth, the P200 are more than capable. String bass in a jazz track or the womp womp in your dubstep will both sound equally good, and, thanks to the venting, are delivered with crisp precision. Highs are similarly well presented, so when the jazz trumpet makes its intro (or an audio sprite enters your dubstep), you’ll hear it cleanly and clearly.

scuderia ferrari p200

Things get a little muddy around the middle with the P200, due in part to the somewhat overwhelming bass. Guitars and some vocals are either buried by bass or are simply muddy, with the effect dampening the richness of your music. The overall sound is not very warm or bright, and this loss of midrange detail makes these cans impractical for classical music and others genres that really take advantage of the full spectrum of sound.

As mentioned, the P200 is not designed for portability first, though it includes a convenient hard carrying case with a top-mounted handle if you do need to transport them (it was commonly mistaken for a Ferrari-branded lunchbox, so you can use it as a conversation starter if nothing else).

There are three cables included: one with no inline remote, one with an Apple-compatible remote, and one with a generic Android remote, which is great, except for one thing—the jack where the cables plug into the headphones is not a standard 1/8″, so you can’t swap the P200 cable for any other headphone/audio cable. The cans themselves are certainly big enough to accommodate a regular jack, so this design decision is especially frustrating if you’ve misplaced a cable or want to use a longer one than what’s provided.

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Ferrari P200 Review

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Provides: On-ear audio reproduction with inline remote and microphone
Developer: Ferrari by Logic 3
Compatibility: Any device with standard 1/8″ headphone jack; remote is compatible with most Apple devices
Price: $249.00

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