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“Over 400 levels of mental addiction” sounds more like a diagnosis to me than a promotional point, but that’s how 2GMG advertises Blaster X HD. Accurate? I can’t verify the 400 levels just yet, but the mental addiction part is spot-on in this challenging and attractive arcade puzzler.

What is it?

Blaster X HD is a game of physics; specifically, angles and velocity. It’s also marbles. You’ve got this blaster, which is basically a big ball. Then, you’ve got these orbs, which are basically small balls. It’s your job to ram the blaster into the orbs to clear them from the game grid in as few moves as possible.

Blaster X HD

Enter a variety of obstacles and challenges and you’ve got your game play.

How does it work?

The control method for Blaster X HD is perfectly suited from touchscreen devices. It’s similar to the myriad miniature golf games you’ve likely played; tap the screen to place your blaster, then pull back in the opposite direction to determine the path and speed of your shot (the further you pull back from the blaster, the further it will travel). Each shot offers plenty to consider as you weigh your starting point and angle with the placement of the orbs and the obstacles you’ll have to navigate. You get a better score for clearing the orbs in fewer moves, but will it even be possible to do in one shot? Are tricky angles worth risking the blaster stopping too far from the remaining orbs? In that way, the game is actually quite like billiards, too.

Blaster X HD

Blaster X HD mixes up your math lesson up by allowing you some control over the blaster by touching the screen near it to change its motion…kind of like creating a gravitational pull. You can use this to pull the orb closer to the target or to even slingshot it around obstacles. You’ll need to put all of this together in order to complete levels with decent scores, especially once the challenges are increased. For example, it soon won’t be enough to just remove all the orbs, you’ll be asked to removed all the orbs in order by color

Is it contagious?

Blaster X HD isn’t one of the most original games I’ve seen in the App Store, but its solid design, numerous levels, tricky puzzles and fine-tuned game play make it worth a look.

It’s very much one of those games that will have you saying, “Just one more level,” for many more levels…at least until the sound starts to drive you nuts. If I had to drop one complaint, it would be that the audio effect of the blaster hitting walls and other obstacles is too mechanical and harsh. Do not play this game with a headache, but do play it otherwise.

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    got it. love it.