Blackberry Messenger to launch on iOS and Android this summer

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On Tuesday, Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company BlackBerry announced via its blog that it’s planning to bring its popular Blackberry Messenger (BBM) service to both iOS and Android.

It’s not surprising that BlackBerry is bringing this service over to iOS, especially considering Apple and Google are currently leading the smartphone market with iOS and a range of different Android devices. It was rumored back in 2011 that Blackberry was planning to bring the service to iOS, but it’s only now coming to fruition.

Blackberry Messenger was one of the first messaging services that displays all messages in one location for easy access, unlike Apple’s iMessage service which was limited to sending and receiving photos, videos and texts between iOS devices. Blackberry Messenger allows for a range of communication options, including sending pictures, audio recordings, a range of files, locations for maps and even video calling over WiFi or a wireless network on newer Blackberry devices.

In the first version of multi-platform BBM, iOS and Android users are expected to be able to experience the following BBM features:

  • The immediacy of BBM chats
  • Multi-person chats
  • Voice note sharing
  • BlackBerry Groups, where BBM users are able to set up groups of up to 30 people and share calendar, photos, files and more

BBM Quick Facts:

  • More than 60 million monthly active users
  • More than 51 million daily active users who are connecting with friends or colleagues an average of one and a half hours every day.
  • BBM users send and receive more than 10 billion messages each day, nearly twice as many messages per user per day as compared to other mobile messaging apps
  • Almost half of BBM messages are read within 20 seconds of being received; indicating how truly engaged BBM customers are

Blackberry notes on its blog that their Messenger service sends and receives over 10 billion messages per day, far more than iOS. By bringing Messenger to iOS, BlackBerry will be not only expanding their user base, but will also be marketing their software to iOS users.

It is possible a customer who feels more comfortable with Blackberry Messenger than Apple’s iMessage service will continue using it, and perhaps even switch to a newer Blackberry device. Blackberry Messenger on both iOS and Android is expected to arrive later this summer.

To stay updated on Blackberry Messenger on iOS, visit Blackberry’s Blog.

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