Sennheiser introduces three new headphones with universal remotes

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Based on three of its popular consumer-grade headphones, Sennheiser’s new lineup combines Sennheiser sound with enahnced remote controls designed to work across multiple devices. If you mix your Mac or iDevice with devices running Android or a Blackberry OS (Tim Cook is not amused), it’s not unusual to have compatibility issues with the inline remotes on many headphones. Even high end headphones can suffer from compatibility issues, as different manufacturers support different functions via inline remote control. If your gear includes multiple devices with differing remote standards, these new offerings from Sennheiser should let you more easily control your music and conversations across all your devices.

In Ear: MM 70s

All the models Sennheiser just announced are denoted by an “s” at the end of their name, so be careful if you’re shopping around for these headphones—there is a model called MM 70 and the new MM 70s. The new MM70s are in-ear-canal or IEC headphones, and use a noise isolating design to help deliver a bigger sound than their small size might suggest. There are three pairs of tips included to help you achieve a comfortable fit, while the inline remote puts you in charge of volume, track, play/pause, and taking/ending a call.

Sennheiser MM70s

The MM 70s is available from Sennheiser’s online store for $99.95.

Over Ear: HD 429s

For those who prefer a more traditional headphone that places the driver outside the ear canal, the HD 429s feature a closed-back over-the-ear design, which still offers some noise isolation along with larger drivers for a more expansive soundstage. These headphones are geared for smooth bass response, which is another benefit of their larger drivers. The same universal inline remote allows you to adjust volume via a slider, advance tracks, and take/end calls.

Sennheiser HD429s

The HD 429s is available from Sennheiser’s online store for $99.95.

On Ear: HD 219s

The cheapest of the bunch, the 219s offer the same control in a smaller package that sits on your ear. The 219s also features a closed back design, though the lack of seal around your ear means these will probably let in the most external noise out of all three of the new models. The more portable design means these would be ideal for taking on the go, and the microphone integrated in the universal remote means you can take calls while blocking out background noise from your conversation.

Sennheiser HD219s

The HD 219s is available from Sennheiser’s online store for $79.95.

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