TechnologyTell announces OCDock shipment date

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You don’t have to be OCD to want a clean, uncluttered workspace (though it certainly helps)., an online retailer for Kickstarter projects, has announced shipment of the OCDock, a Lightning device dock that integrates seamlessly with your iMac or Thunderbolt display to give you a clean workspace and charge/sync abilities.

OCDockClip On

The OCDock features a self-adhesive base that sticks onto the front edge of the foot supporting your iMac or Thunderbolt display. With an anodized aluminum finish, this dock looks like a natural extension of your Apple device, so charging/syncing your Lightning-equipped iPhone or iPod touch is not only simple but also blends perfectly with your existing desk decor.


By positioning your iDevice squarely in front of your monitor, you can effectively keep all your information in one place. Incoming calls/texts are just as easily accessible as that spreadsheet you’re working on , and the actual dock itself is angled specifically for easy access to FaceTime or Skype calls. Sadly it will cover up the Apple logo on your display/iMac, but I’m sure some crafty photography work can make it look like your iPhone is virtually invisible.

Thin is In

Underneath the aluminum of the OCDock runs a cable that’s billed as the world’s thinnest iPhone cable, and that thinness is what gives the illusion of a cable-free workspace. The paper-thin cable is designed to run under your iMac or Thunderbolt’s foot, neatly hiding the wire out of the way and channeling it to the back of the display where you can plug it in to a free USB port.


The OCDock is scheduled to begin shipping next week. Head on over to, where you can pre-order yours for $80.

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