Apple’s App Store reaches 50 billion apps downloaded

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50 billion apps

Apple’s App Store has achieved yet another milestone, with users downloading over 50 billion apps in about five years. The App Store launched in mid-2008 alongside the company’s iPhone 3G. Since then, the App Store has sold thousands of different applications, and has changed a lot since its original design.

Less than two weeks ago, Apple launched its “50 Billion App Countdown” promotion and announced it would award a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card to the person who downloaded the 50 billionth app. This includes all applications on the App Store, including free and lite apps. Soon after the promotion was over, Apple updated its main splash page with an image of the iPad and the word “Thanks” written out on the popular drawing application, Paper by FiftyThree.

Numerous reports of App Store statistics suggest Apple is on track to reach 20 billion downloads every year from now on, with the Cupertino company achieving the 25 billion mark in a little over 3 years, and now 50 in 5 years. This means the rate of downloads is increasing, especially with numerous iOS devices on the market, including the new iPad mini.

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